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Sunday, 19 October 2008

[NEWS] TVXQ with Nate Jackson on FUSE.TV

First BoA and now Dong Bang Shin Ki. Netizen favorite and funnyman Nate Jackson brought his crew from fuse.tv to the Asia Song Festival where he mingled with Cassiopeians. It was a first-hand account of the guinness-known crazies and even singing with them in a noraebang.

With his credibility as a music events host, Nate Jackson also got the golden opportunity of interviewing the Dong Bang boys themselves. This has been a hot topic among Cassies the world over as this is big news, bigger than the Wonder Girls going on Perez Hilton. With Nate Jackson and fuse.tv’s influence, Dong Bang Shin Ki is about to be seen by hordes of music junkies in the US (where it’s based) and everywhere else that hasn’t come in contact with the DBSK virus.

The video in question is reportedly to be released soon, but in the meantime fuse.tv has posted up some behind the scenes photos as we await the full footage.

Fortunately, I was able to dig up a few videos from Youtube - talk about searching for a needle in a haystack. Check out the goodies below.

Nate Jackson’s intro to the ASF
Behind teh scenes
more.. footage..
vid creds: fibistar@youtube

credits: Seoulbeats (i know, but they're not bashing the boys so it's okay XD ) + EUNHYE@mirotic.blogspot.com

Fuse.TV is kinda big somehow...so i hope Nate's interaction with Cassiopeia would open people's eyes. We're not crazy hard-core girls (or maybe not all LOL jk)... we're fun people too XD

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