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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

[VID] THSK- Mirotic Japanese MV

It's basically just the same thing with a little bit of differences. They took out some parts and added some new parts....

credits: joongiefiedportia33@YT

[VIDS] KBS Kiss The Radio - DBSK & SUJU

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5
vid credit: ichigo2luv

[PICS] KBS Kiss The Radio Official Pictures

...just because hotness can't be expressed in audio alone...we need visuals too. Although Jae seriously needs REST...like, a whole month of sleep.

[PICS] Yunho and Junsu at Tanning Salon

....idk... i just think of oranges XD

Yunho's so orange! O_O

and Yunnie's tanning buddy........ SU!!!

credits: saloon cyworld + sukiyaki@soompi + eunhye@mirotic.blogspot.com

[PICS] Cassiopeias Gift for the Boys Comeback!


Armani's Underwear o.O

Booklet Book

The cover


deNain@soompi + nathaLie@mirotic.blogspot.com

[INFO] SME's Official Youtube Channel?

I'd love to think that this is their official Youtube channel, it sounds pretty legitimate though LOL and they've uploaded some HQ goodies there....i hope they add subs to their videos or something. That would really be awesome!!

http://ca.youtube.com/user/SMOnline <-------- SMOnline :D

Subscribe now people :D

Monday, 29 September 2008

[PICS]Few more pics of TVXQ in Sukira Kiss The Radio

ah~~ it seems that jaejoong is having cough too along with junsu...both jaesu were in mask while enterin' the show...but it seems only jae was wearin' half-mask thru'out the program...T.T...aww poor babies..i feel really srry for them...both oppa plz take care of u'r health n other members too...hwaiting! +.+

credits: dbsk_cyn @ soompi + mirotic

[INFO]TVXQ, #1 in Sales Charts After Only 2 Days

TVXQ has had a popularity explosion offline in stores.

Their 4th album “Mirotic” was released on September 26, 2008 and from that day of launching it in music stores, it had already risen on Hanteo charts.

In addition to the weekly charts (September 21-27), it has also powerfully risen to #1 on the monthly charts (August 31-September 27). According to Hanteo charts as of September 28, the A version of “Mirotic” had sold 54,000 copies. Also on Hot Tracks, Yes24, and other music sale charts they are also #1.
credits: seoulfull + mirotic

[NEWS]TVXQ members thanks each other & Cassiopeia

Thank U to Members of TVXQ
Max Changmin:
Finally, me as one of the member and a strong supporter of Cassiopeia, I sincerely thank all of you so much.

U-Know Yunho:
My guy is now up (t/n: I think he meant his turn to say TY) … Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin. I’m so sorry? It was a trouble. (t/n: about his torn pants, I guess). Now, remaining is only the show. Always be happy that you love and believe in me!
Micky Yoochun:
And I’ll love you to death, my dear members and here is a word of love for you… I really love our (DBSK) members. I’m even more in love with them now. Thank you so much.

Hero Jaejoong:
Now you can see how silly we are when with each other, our relationship, we Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin… Just because of you… Thank you ^ ^ everyday just to see the end of each day. This is where I’m not embarrassed !.. ^^ I’ll I’ll.. Okay.. I love you! Felt good to see the rest of my life complete; I love you guys!

Xiah Junsu:
We will have to adhere to the concept (t/n: get used to their new concept?), as do Shah Kari So Cooooool ~ ~ I left a message to my family and close friends ^-^;)
Thank U to Cassiopeia
At last.. our family, our eternal supporter ~ ~ We always will be Cassiopeia’s boyfriend (and vice versa), thank you for the care and love. It’s been awhile since we’re home and want to fly? Ok??? You’re all set OK??? So, here we go, Hey TVFXQ is! (t/n: I guess they’re asking if Cass. is ready on accepting their comeback in Korea.)

Max Changmin:
Finally, a strong supporter, I really appreciate Cassiopeia…

U-Know Yunho:
Finally, my pride … Cassiopeia !! .. I’m sorry to keep you waiting for a long time .. I’d like to see this album again.. Hope we can fly hand in hand. It is always nice to know that I love you .. so be nice~

Micky Yoochun:
I’m sorry to be late and we’re delighted, Cassiopeias ^ ^ I love you, ladies and gentlemen.

Hero Jaejoong:
At last, Cassiopeia you have wait 1 year and 7 months, baby.. thank you.. we do not have a choice but love you (t/n: I think). I love you, thank you.. Cassiopeia ^ ^

Xiah Junsu:
2 years is a long time, taken briefly, a longer time is an advantage to meet a lot of people and we had a chance to mature and grow. Looks like this is the time for our come back and the chance to experience it again, we’ll bring home an album for you and I think it’s time to introduce … our 4th Korean album debuted the same “dugeungeorineun mameuro”, this one is for you.
credits: DBSG @ LJ
source: minsarang
shared by: pooh-ja @ mirotic

[PICS]TVXQ on Sukira: Kiss the Radio-Sept. 29,08

TVXQ just attended leteeuk n eunhyuk's Kiss the Radio show....here're some snapshot taken inside the studio...TVXQ left the show @ 11:00p.m. korean time..which means 40 mins. ago..it's 11:40p.m. korean time atm...

^Crazy love is being played atm...

^leavin' the program

^ah~~he's the only one with the mask...wonder if he's flu is serious!! nyways oppa take care of u'r health =.=

^aww su seems happy to reunite with eyunhyuk


credits: tvxqforever @ soompi + mirotic

[IMP]Attention to all TVXQ's Fans-Please 'VOTE' TVXQ for MNET Countdown~~

For those who have mnet a/c alerady neednot register it again..for those who haven't registered yet...here's the procedure to register & VOTE FOR TVXQ!

Step 1: go to http://mnet.com/ n the remaining, just follow the pictures below..
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4: Tick all the boxes n click 'save' button below
Step 5: Type your personal info
Step 6: First type your 'valid' email address & click 'CERTIFICATION' button
After that check u'r respective email add to get your authentication no...if not found in your inbox, check your junk mailbox too (but for me,i didn't get my authentication no. that easily...i think i clicked on that certification 100+ time ^^;;..so for those ppl who might have the same problem as me...don wrry after that much try, u'll also get u'r authentication no.)
Nyways, just copy the authentication no. they send in u'r mailbox n paste it in the 'authentic no.' box n save.
Step 7: Your Registration is DONE
Now its time to VOTE for our boys
Just Login to

Now, U're done with the voting..i guess ^^;

Everyone PLZ vote our TVXQ boys!!

credits: alex @ soompi