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Thursday, 23 October 2008

[INFO]There'll be a kissing scene in Heaven's Postman!!!

Han Hyo Joo and Kim Jaejoong are confirmed to be co-stars in their upcoming drama.

Jae will act as a messenger between the dead (who are in heaven) and their family and friends (who are still living). His character is very deep and mysterious. Han Hyo Joo will act as a pure and innocent girl who lost her loved one but cannot forget him. However, after working with Jaejoong at the same job, she slowly falls in love with him.

This episode of the mini-series is 120 minutes long, and the entire plot is a love story. About the kiss scene, the director says that in the drama "the two (Jae and HHJ) have mutual feelings for each other. During a beautiful sunset, one of them (not specified) says 'I want to kiss you', followed by a very touching kiss scene." They have rehearsed the drama seven times already, and Jaejoong's acting has improved significantly.

They will start filming next month, which will be adjusted into Jaejoong's schedule.The drama is due to be aired May, 2009 on SBS.

credits: ~山米~@豆花吧 + soompi + mirotic
Ah~~I'm really in depressed mood here atm!! "No..actually it's alright pooh-ja~it's just for a minidrama so it's o.k...u should cheer for oppa instead"<--*consoling myself*~~*after 5 min again...*..haish! but still...*argh!!* i just can' t seem to let go off myself imaginin' that part of the drama TT-TT~~that...that...THAT KISS scene seems to be a romantic one~~will it be a simple peck! or smooch!..or dkshfkfdghdhdf *goes crazy with overexagarrated thoughts*~~oppaaaa TT.TT~~


Reira said...

I agree with you 100%
Can you hear the millions of cassie's hearts breaking too?
*takes deep breath*
Good luck jae though. In return for your kiss you must bring back awards!!

Anonymous said...

aiks aiks.. T__T so jealous with that actress..
so shock when i heard bout this..
aum~ sob sob.. hahaas~! agree with reira =)

Yuki said...

I'm very sad T_T...............