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Thursday, 16 October 2008

[TRANS] TVXQ at Tablo's Dream Radio

Tablo's Dream Radio: Changmin's Parts

Tablo: Who's the wildest when all five of you are playing together?
Jae + Junsu: Yunho, Yunho hyung.
Tablo: It wasn't like that before right?
Yoochun: It's been like that ever since we debuted.
Yunho: I'm the kind of person who goes crazy once I start having fun.
Tablo: So who's the one who doesn't like playing?
Jaejoong: It should be Changmin right? (Everyone agrees).
Jaejoong: Oh, nono, actually, Changmin should be the craziest when we start playing!
Yoochun: The problem is, he doesn't go crazy often.
Tablo: When we were together the other day, I think Changmin was the first one to call manager hyung saying he was going to sleep too! I was dazed.
(Changmin keeps laughing)
Yoochun: Changmin's mood wasn't that good that day.
Tablo: I thought he was a nineteen year-old young man! Who knew such early-sleeping adults existed? It was only around 9 PM then right?!
Jaejoong: We say this, "The hardest celebrity to see, besides Seotaiji, is Changmin!"
Junsu: Choikang Changmin!
Tablo: Changmin seems like a shy person!
Changmin: Yeah, that's how I am.
Junsu: Although he's shy, it's no joke when he starts playing!
Yoochun: When he starts having fun....
Tablo: What is it?
Junsu: Other people are shocked!
Yunho: Sometimes he's wilder than us.
Tablo: Oh, you go crazy sometimes too? (Everyone laughs)
Tablo: To this extent.
Yunho: It's okay right?
Yoochun: There really are games you can't play with Changmin...
Tablo: What games?
Yoochun: [Coconut Time].
(Note: This is a game where older people switch roles with younger people, so instead of youngers using formal speech to elders, the younger ones can lecture or command the elders.)

Yoochun: Wow, really!
Junsu: You really can't play this with him!
Tablo: So when you play [Coconut Time], Changmin doesn't lose out!
Yunho: Don't play it!
Yoochun: Because we're on-air, Changmin probably won't play like he usually does...but...
Tablo: It can't be! Changmin ah, let's play a round!
Changmin: No, no! (Uses formal speech)
Junsu: This is for on-air broadcast...
Tablo: Let's play for twenty seconds, start---
Changmin: I can't! (Formal speech)
Tablo: St....art!
Changmin: (screams angrily) NO TABLO AHH! (Doesn't use formal speech)
Tablo: Changmin ah, how are you lately?
Changmin: Nooo! I don't want to play! (Uses informal speech)
Tablo: Changmin ah...
Changmin: Didn't I say already, I'm not playing not playing! I don't want!
Tablo: I know I know...
Wow, if this is the on-air version, then privately...
Yunho: It'll be stronger.
Tablo: Until now, I've seen more of Changmin's packaged appearance! Because TVXQ's existence is very mysterious to their fans. But for me, I can see the other four members often. I don't see Changmin very often though. So Changmin, to me, has a very mysterious existence.
Tablo: Sometimes I think maybe he (Changmin) isn't human.
Junsu: Changmin is the hardest person to see after Seotaji.
Tablo: Celebrities I want to see, and want to ask how he is.
Junsu: Choikang Changmin!
Tablo: It was like that last time too! We saw each other backstage last time, and the other four were joking and playing with me, but Changmin was in the corner...
Junsu: Listening to music, playing with his cellphone, and looking at the floor.
Tablo: I thought it was someone else. But after I understood I finally realized, it was...
Changmin: I'm a kid like this.
Tablo: You're a kid who likes to sleep really early. (Everyone laughs)


Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net)
Source: Our Changmin + Mr. TVXQ

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