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Thursday, 30 October 2008

[PICS]TOHOSHINKI - BigEast Backstage DVD

Author's note: Gawd! I'm seriously overdosed to the MAX with Yunnie's neverending cuteness here! Girls..get ready to go fully insane..as i now bring u the ultimate cuteness of our leadersshi...
^ZOMGD!..Jae oppa in that pose n attire~~^TT^*nosebleeds* How far seductive can u get oppa!! dgjdfggfgh^%&$fdgd *goes crazy*
^ommo....ommo...now ain't that hyper cute! ^3^*pinches chunnie's cheeks*-->*gets slapped by elune*^^;;
Pooh-ja: Elune, although u'r hubby Chunnie is handing over that beer towards u cutely, u shouldn't take that beer o.k...ur'e still a minor..so~~so..hehe..can unnie take that beer instead!
Elune: Unnie..aren't u a minor too!!
Pooh-ja: ^^;; *sweats*
^our leadershhi @ 'happy-go-lucky' mode ^^

^lol..oppa r u alrite!^^; *wonder what was he trying to do here*
^ah~~hug! uniform~~*feels nostalgic* btw leadershhi looks sweet here ^^

^GAWD!~~he looks like a baby there....
^I'm starting to go crazy again with Yunnie's cuteness here...now that i think abt it..i see lots of yunnie's cute sides in this DVD~~
^Oh My! askjhfdshfdhfdfgf~~I feel like pinching,squeezing,molding n God knows what else do i not want to do with his cheeks atm...*continues with the random imaginations~~*
^GoDamn..Jesus..Holy jdfsdgfdgfdf....*pooh-ja @ half-insane mode atm*
^dfg$%^&*^jahsdgfjhfg%$&#$%&fdg%&dfgsdf-->meaning Pooh-ja @ FULL insane mode now
^OMG! I'm alone spazzing all these pics..didn't know it was already 30+ min since i wrote this post...hmm gotta publish this post now ^^

^YunJae moment...Wonder if Jae oppa cooked that egg(!!?) since he's staring @ it like that*see the pic*

^ohMy guilty heart~~~~~~

^this must have been taken during doushite PV making~~

Below are 3 pics of tohomobile~~failed to find YooSu pics ^^;;

credits: tvxqbaidu + mirotic

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