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Thursday, 16 October 2008

[VID]TVXQ-Mnet Super Concert HQ

O.k. before starting my blog post...to eunhye,nathaLie n all our blog visitors out there..really srry for not being able to update in these past few days..our semi-final debate was today n the sad thing is that we lost *sighs* but taking it optimistically, i'm happy that i don't have to pull anymore allnighter + the stress of preparing speech & rough summary r also all gone now..ah~~i missed so much of dong bang dose...now moving onto mnet super concert..i tried checking in YT & found that only mickytoho has HQ vid of insa..i did try checking my other subscribers vid too but some of them seem poor quality...so thought of better uploading the vid from daum itself...n the quality is just djsfseredgfgsdf *WOW*...enjoy everyone ^^

Insa Live

Forgotten Season

Love In The Ice

credits: dnbn + mirotic

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