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Monday, 27 October 2008

[ADMIN POST] Absolutely Disappointed...

I don't usually post like this... but whatever.BITE ME.

First, DO NOT HOTLINK THE PICTURES! We've resorted to uploading it to blogger's own server (picasa i believe) but it kinda loses it's quality. So DON'T HOTLINK!!

Second, we are not copying any other fanblog out there. But our goal is similar, bring TVXQ closer to fans by bringing them news, pictures and other info. If you think about it, news blogs aren't copyrighted to any certain entity. So don't come here and bash us and say that we copied "a certain blog". Do you think TVXQ will like it when they hear that their fans are becoming ELITISTS? No. It's enough that TVXQ was once treated like untouchable celebrities, elitist fans are the last thing that we want in the fandom. We're all for unity here. If you're that "loyal" to a certain site, then stay there...don't go to other similar sites and bash there. You're kind of ruining the image of the sites you strongly support, you know. I'm pretty sure that, like us here in MIROTIC, they don't like quarrels in the fandom.

Lastly, please join http://iscreamshinki.net/forums on their collaborative efforts with KIBAN TVXQ (a Taiwan-based TVXQ forum) for TVXQ's 5th Anniversary Celebration. Let's make this anniversary memorable for everyone!


nicole said...

i reallt like your work on here.. i know its not easy.. so i'm very thankful

check for news on the boys here everyday.

sorry that i lurk too much ^^ and don't comment enough :)

westkitsune said...

Hey there bb, this is westkitsune from fangirlmitz ^^

Someone mentioned to me that you were accused of stealing from our blog, (were we the one you were mentioning here..?) so I had to check it out because I visited your blog before and am even in chatting contact with nathaLie at iscreamshinki and I have never seen such a thing. Well, I'd thank said person for "defending" fangirlmitz, but not to the wrong people! We've had our share of blog "stealing" (same title, credits and stuff) and knowing the difference, we know for sure you're not one of those. So don't worry about our side of the blog mkay?

Why don't we be affiliates to clear this "stealing" confusion up ne? ^^

Dottie said...


First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you guys have also fallen prey to this unforgivable bashing/envy. Many of the sites that I frequent for TVXQ updates seem to have suffered the same fate lately and as you've said ~ it is SO sad that some fans have resorted to petty name-calling and unjustified accusations as though they 'own' any and all TVXQ materials out there.

I think the boys would be so sad (if not already) to know about this. As though Cassiopeias don't get bad enough a rep as it is; these folks just had to add fuel to fire and insult to injury.




I love what you guys do and I know many, many, many others feel the exact same way.

dottie said...

Any way you can edit my little grammatical boo-boo there to "YOUR great work"?

I must have been a little too worked up when I clicked on the "Publish" button. XO