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Sunday, 19 October 2008

[TRANS] 081019 From Changmin

Changmin left a message today as well ^^

The incoming late nights of an autumn day...this is Changmin.

How are you, this is Changmin.

I feel glad because i can enjoy the autumn while drinking the breeze of a late night.

Everyone enjoying autumn and have a good time??

I personally like autumn and winter but these days...

it's really cool because autumn has stuffed my mind

Coming into a real autumn, strolling along roads with fallen leaves...

Hiking mountains full of bright colors

Looking at restaurants with delicious food (t/n: LOL that's our Changmin XD )

Puffing (t/n: to decrease the hotness, like how you'd do with hot food) on and eating baked chestnuts, potatoes and (taiyaki?? t/n: not sure) sold on the sidewalk

and to read all kinds of books too...

all these are the things you can do most especially during the autumn right???

Honestly, i want to do a lot of thinngs but

just all of a sudden i wanted to say

"it's great if everyone can enjoy all those things~"

it's just that i can't do a lot of the things i want, please do it in my behalf (t/n: i'll eat chestnuts for you, Changmin XD )

We are putting all our time seriously on the 4th album events

i'm so glad everyone cheered for us and gave us love when it was released

For us who worked so hard, it's a really happy feeling

everyone listened to the CD a lot, and online here and always been there for us

it's been a while since we had events in Korea

Honestly, our bodies are tired, but we spend our time covered with joy

we seriousdly do the activities for SPELL-MIROTIC...well... yes

It's sad to say but...i'll say it... It's ours

it's the album we prepared so hard for, you'll it inside the album

there's a lot of good songs like Jumun (t/n: he means Mirotic)

if you like all the songs in the album, i'd be so selfish to ask...

i kept ranting without stopping but!!!

since we're still currently practicing and trying to show our cool image with the 4th album events for the year

please continue to cheer and inspire TVXQ

Finally, the harsh weather...it makes it so easy to get sick . be careful with the cold

and this autumn, let's all work hard to spend a full autumn with regrets...

from the start with everyones... then our individual spots

of course, if you have our album already for this autumn then it's much better ^^ hahahahaha

i'm counting on you everytim to cheer for us and be careful not to get a cold ^^

From Changmin, embracing the autumn in my mind...

credits: TVXQ Korean Official Site
translation: EUNHYE@mirotic.blogspot.com

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