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Friday, 31 October 2008

[PIC]TVXQ SAY-NO to Smoking!!

Google Translation:
Dong Bang Shin Ki is seyino (Say-No) geumyeonsong music video series as the last runners will be made after the finale. Health and Family Welfare (jeonjaehui Minister) has been a non-smoking campaign in the 2008 'Say No, Save Life!' Campaign in a rare public participation in a large number of popular singers, music videos and show him a non-smoking by young people actively contribute to the formation of consensus Said.
Start the music video series geumyeonsong the Wonder Girls Super Junior, VOS, epikhayi, dabichi, Seo, syayini, namgyuri, Big Bang, cool, Shin Hye Sung, FT Island, Kara, 2PM, Brown Eyed Girl and a large number of popular singers in choejeongsang Said. In particular, to participate in the live dance, and ballad singers and a variety of tailor-made for each genre creating music videos, TV every week, the airwaves were in the program going. The dangers of secondhand smoke and to inform young people of non-smoking campaign to effectively deliver a message to young people contribute a large consensus was forming.
Dong Bang Shin Ki of 26 days on a non-smoking music video broadcast on the airwaves and TV programs, health and welfare go added that the family 'seyino (Say No)' non-smoking campaign website (www.say-no.co.kr) also can be seen. In particular, the seyino Home 'Super Junior', 'Wonder Girl', 'Big Bang', and participated in the various versions of the popular singer, can enjoy along with music videos.
credit: for pics (dnbn + mirotic) + Mr. Google Translator
Authors note: Well, I'm really dumb when it comes to hangul (at least i can understand japanese to some extent but hangul *sighs*). Our admin Elune aka Eun-Hye who's really good in hangul might or might not have the translation in soompi + it's already been 2 days that i've been unable to access soompi for some reason O.o!!?..Thus, the given reason..here I am trying to workout with google-sshi *lol*. Nyways, from the above ununderstable translation, u can at least get the gist that it's regarding non-smoking campaign ^^;;

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