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Friday, 17 October 2008


The boys are finally back in korea for the 2008 Incheon Airport Sky Festival (is what i think looking @ their schedule) however not exactly sure why they used the gimpo airport when the festival they need to attend is Incheon airport O.o!!! More importantly, where exactly did my hubby jae *gets slapped for that* go? Can't find him anywhere in the pic *cries*
^aww~~our leadersshi looks uber cute in that charlie chaplin hat..btw i know totally random but talking abt my fashion sense once again...do i see people wearing long loose highnecks a lot these days!^^;; even today, i was surprised when i visited H&M store cus just last week, the store was full of summer clothes hanging n today,i think the whole store was decorated with winter clothes esp. korean beanies & differently designed loose highnecksO.o!

^our maknae looks smokin' hot with that tilted hat *spazzes* n su..is u'r shoulder hurtin? *goes to massage* lol n chunnie..hmm i see a lot of 'beyond style' brand t-shirts/top being worn by korean celebrities like alex of clazziquai & hwangbo wore the same brand t-shirt in same printed style in the variety show We Got Married & i also saw JunJin once wearing it in Family Outing n now our chunnie..although he's wearin' hoodie instead of t-shirt though ^^;

^chunnie wearing flip flops again..it's cold in S.K. i think..oppa should wear shoes often^^;

credits: personalyoonho + huxmm @ Cassvn.yan
shared by: soompi + mirotic

Here's the fancam of the boys @ Gimpo airport 081017

credit: phutran1981vnn2

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