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Friday, 17 October 2008

[PICS]A quick review on TVXQ updates

TVXQ @ Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter pre-recorded on 14th october..Apparently, it'll be aired on 18th october(meaning tomorrow) @ 12:15 a.m. on KBS2TV; here's the link-->(http://able.kbs.co.kr/live/index.html). There are like tons of fanshots from the show but it's already 12:15 a.m. here...gotta wake up early tomorrow for morning class..so won't be uploading those pics..Instead, i'll post the screenshots of the show later after it's aired. Hope that'll help ^^;

aww..i feel like kdsahferhthf..lol actually i don't know how i feel like atm...just look at our shy maknae n leadersshi's killer smile *floats in air*
081016 TOHOSHINKI/TVXQ/DBSK's Secret Event aka "Mirotic Party" with BigEast Fans in Japan

Our boys fashion concept for japan sure is unique..I mean they completely changed themselves from their hairstyle to shoe. Well i don't particularly have any complains cus the boys can really pull off whatever style or fashion concept they're given however i just cannot resist myself getting angry @ the hairstylist now esp. not after observing our chunnie's hair from doushite to mirotic(japanese)...Chunnie oppa where's your 'steb by step' or 'doushite' hair~~*grumbles @ hairsylist* ^^;;


Cute Chunnie..aigoo~~*goes to pinch his cheeks*
Actually, our chunnie was trying to imitate junsu's cute angel pose (see mirotic-japanese making vid. in YT). Here, he was saying, "Junsu desu" meaning "this is junsu" or "i'm junsu"...hehe although Su is not here..how come still i get YooSu feel ^^;;

TOHOSHINKI'S 24th Japanese single MIROTIC released on 15th oct.,2008

Jaejoong:Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu ^^(Really, thank you very much ^^)Bigeast ~! Saikossu!!(Bigeast ~! The best!!)
Changmin:To Bigeast ~ ^^Mou, aki desu ne ~ ^^(Ah, it’s autumn (again) ne ~ ^^)Shinkyoku takusan kiite kudasai ~ ^^(Please listen to our new song a lot ~ ^^)Arigatou gozaimasu(thank you very much)
Yunho:To Bigeast.(t/n: aaah so creative~)Kotoshi mo tsua-mo atari A-Nation(This year’s A-Nation tour was a success)Mou arimashitakedo tassan kitekurete(Ah there had been a lot of activities (this year), but many (of you) came)*Arigatou gozaimashita!…(Thank you very much!…)atarashii single mou yoroshiku onegaishimasu…(Please support our new single…)
Yoochun: To BigeastOur endless family (dearly? fc only?) “BIGEAST”!!Itsumo, hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu ^^(always, and for real thank you very much!)Aishitemasu ♥ ~(I love you ♥ ~)Minna, surushikune ~(Everyone, do your best ~)O.K?
Junsu:To Bigeast…Itsumo aikawarazu atsui seien(Your warm encouragement is always never changing)Arigatou gozaimasu. Atarashii single Jumon (MIROTIC)(Thank you very much. Our new single (is) Jumon)Totemo suteki na kyoku nanode takusan kiite kudasai(Please listen to it a lot because this piece of music (the tune) is really nice)Kito, hamaru to omoimasu. Aishiteru ~ ♥(Surely, it will fit your feelings/emotions. I love you ~ ♥)
trans by: westkitsune & ramin @ fangirlmitz
Mnet Super Concert aired on 081016
^whoever that came up with such gr8 background concept..i totally salute him/her/them..I'm so loving that autumn concept n plus our boys there singing with chunnie on piano...ZOMy dfgdfgjdfggdf...*speechless*


I know it's already late if i were to post pictures of the boys in MC Mong's radio show...but i just couldn't help myself from posting the pic below...just look @ jae~~ he's like cute to the maxxxxxxxx..*dies of excessive spazzzm* ^^;;

credits: dnbn + as tagged + mirotic + soompi


rEbEcca said...

김재중pooh, i felt the YUSOO love too! ^^

김재중pooh-ja said...

hehe...thank god i was not the only one to feel that ^^