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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

[NEWS]After Korea and Japan, MIROTIC goes on to conquer Taiwan

Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki new album has not only proves itself in Korea and Japan but also in Taiwan.

Their 4th album ‘MIROTIC’ was released in Taiwan on the 17th, and in one week’s time, the album went up to #1 positions on various popular music chartslike G Music Chart, Vibe music and CC Record etc.

The album was #1 for the 3rd week of October (17th - 23rd Oct) on GMusic Asian album chart, the album sales also hit the record high of 57.98% in contributing to the total album sales change. And for Vibe music chart, they were also #1 on the same week with contribution album sales of 50.95%.

Not only also, the title song to the album, ‘MIROTIC’ was #1 on Taiwanese radio ‘Hito FM’ music chart for ther period of 13th to 19th October. The criteria for judgement on the chart stands 50% for listeners’ and internet poll and 50% on the album sales.

With their long awaited comeback, Dong Bang Shin Ki has sold a total of 200,000 copies in Korea for the album, and achieved 3 consecutive #1 on SBS Inkigayo and 2 consecutive #1 on Mnet M!Countdown, not only so, the album also did well on Japan Oricon charts.
credit: sookyeong's minihp + mirotic

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

do u noe what 59% equals to in album sales? im so curious about it cuz all the numbers are messed up o.O In total, they should be way past 500k now right? 330k(pre-orders), 239k(korea-version A only), 80k+(Japan). but then some ppl said the 239k are the sales from the 330k pre-ordered, n not all pre-ordered albums were sold. ...I'll jus wait until the awards. cuz they should get the correct amount right?