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Saturday, 25 October 2008

[PICS]081024 TVXQ @ 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival - ASIA AID Concert

As per our boys' schedule, the hallyu festival started today @ around 8:00 p.m. KST (now it's 1:20 a.m. KST). Our boys as always look the best in every single pic...Well there're are some hilarious perf. pic. also..so, let's check them out n yea comments will be appreciated ^^
^jae seem to have trimmed his hair a bit..or might be just my imagination ^^;
^ugh! those biceps *drools*
^now that i see again..I'm like now 100% sure that he's trimmed his hair a bit..was it for the minidrama! *gawd! i'm already remembering that kiss part again TT.TT*
^holy jsdfhsdafkhasdghsfdgfdgjhf...
pooh-ja: kyaa~~oppa is DEFINATELY pointin' @ ME! hohooho~~ *my exagerrated thought(once again)*
^oh i remember this part of the choreography~~*starts dancing*
^they're definately singing 'Love in the Ice' here!

LITI for sure~~I can even feel the song's vibe via pic *lol*

^oh my!..changminnie's expression~~
^lmao..lol...rofl...n so on..hahahaha..notice our chunnie's face n u'll know why i'm cracking up here ^o^
^manly pose...but cute facial expression ^3^ aww~~
^This is the last part of Hey! choreography..hmm so it seems like they performed 3 songs-mirotic,liti n hey!
^ZOMY sajflshafkhdf..hahahahhahaha..don't u think that the fire looks like as if it's coming out of leadersshi's mouth...hahahahaha *dies laughing+imagining*

^junsu's bright white teeth~~lmao..

*i need u girl...*~~

^leadershhii looks bloody cool with those glasses on~~
*come on..come on..*hey! perf. for sure ^^
^i bet jae was screming the *yeaaaaaaaaa!* part of hey!..well it looks like that from his pose^^;
*i got uuuuuuuuuuuu*
again *i got uuuuuuuuuuu* part~~
^now that i think abt it...they must have felt hecka hot with those fire blowing out O.o"

^aww chunnie looks chibi *meaning-shortie in a cute way* here ^^;
^finally! yunjae moment....*damn that pose!*

^yunjae part 2
credit: dnbn + mirotic

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