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Sunday, 19 October 2008

[TRANS] 081017 From Junsu

Junsu left a message last Friday...i'm really sorry if i'm so slow on translating T_T

Hello everyone, this is Xiah Junsu

I finally left a message..!!

Actually, i'm really sorry

I'm saying it honestly but

you probably know this already, the leading man always turns up at the last moment!!!!

ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Sorry...you understand right?

I heard that Jaejoong hyung left 2 messages already

I 'll have to catch up with that ^^; heheh~~~

First i want to say at this moment is

i'm grateful to everyone who reads this message right now...

these days, i'm happy everyday... and fidgety... Everyone is like that too right?

It's because i missed performing in Korea after 2 years

also because i wanted to hear everyone cheer

these days when i go onstage i feel refreshed

i remember before the album released, i said to the members

that because our country's market (t/n: music industry) has been reduced and also of other things, i was scared

maybe because of good luck...i would be really happy if our new album would sell at least over 200,000 copies

but when the CD was released, it became true...

no, we received even more love...

i really want to share this happiness to everyone...

even how small the music industry market has become, selling an album is important for an artist...

these days i'm really happy, because everyone is closer to us every minute every second...

even with all the work that still needs to finish, we'll work harder for it

i can feel everyone's love completely now...i'm so grateful

these feelings, i always want to continue to share and give you once again

Wow, i'm really an eagle claw (t/n: the kind who types like an eagle's claw) but i think i wrote a lot

But i'm proud i'm the fastest eagle claws~~~~!!!!

beside me, T-sshi (t/n: the one who writes the staff diary) is really shocked at the way i type

i'm an eagle but you can't see me hands...hahahaha~~!!

my mood suddenly lightened up like this???

these days the weather is slowly getting colder. everyone please do not catch the cold... be careful and

let's meet again at the chances we get in the future with a beautiful outlook....

I love all Cassiopeia!!

credits: TVXQ Korean Official Site

translation: EUNHYE@mirotic.blogspot.com

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