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Friday, 17 October 2008

[NEWS+VID]TOHOSHINKI aka TVXQ’s “Mirotic” Confession To BigEast Fans

TVXQ had a commemorate activity for their newly released 24th single “Mirotic” on the 16th in the Tokyo Center. With “Mirotic” as the theme, fans were able to express what they wanted TVXQ to say to them the most (Love Ju Mun). Five fans were picked randomly from the audience, and brought onstage for the members to speak into their ear secretly. This surprised the whole audience. But only Junsu’s sweet “Please talk with me on the phone for 24 hours” was rejected by the fan, who said “This will only bring other fans’ anger, so let’s just say friends.”

TXVQ is made up of Leader Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Changmin. After their single “Purple Line” was used in a Chevrolet commercial and reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly, Beautiful You and Doushite followed, marking the third time they had earned the #1 spot on the Oricon Weekly charts. Mirotic also reached #1 on the daily charts on the 15th.

The five of them whispered sweet talk to fans, but Yunho said “In private, we don’t say these things. To someone I like, I’d write a note to her either in a book or in a letter. The success rate is high!”

credit: Hey! JJ + Mr. TVXQ
translations by: jae!fany@Shinki! Forums
source: Ivanne @ AF
shared by: mirotic
As a foreign artist, TVXQ is the first one to take the #1 spot in the Oricon Weekly charts three times. On the 16th, their newly released Japanese single “Mirotic” held a commemorate press conference in Tokyo. Based on the song name, the members decided to confess to fans with words such as, “i don’t want anyone but you,” and “come with me quietly,” wooing the fans present.
They called fans onto the stage to say these words to them, and Jaejoong was so shy he turned red. He also said that even in private, “We don’t say these things because we’re shy. Although we don’t have anyone yet…” The only brave one was Yoochun, who said, “If you like someone, say it straight out!”
Yoochun yelled out today, “From today on, we’ll have more and more activities in Korea, but we want to love Japanese fans a lot too!” Leader Yunho also said, “Just like the song name, we want to let everyone fall into our spell through this song.” Touched, many fans started crying.
The 24th single “Mirotic” earned the #1 spot on the Oricon Daily Chart on 10-14, and now, TVXQ is looking toward working hard for even better results.
credit: oriconjp + sharingyoochun
translations by: jae!fany@Shinki! Forums
source: Ivanne @ AF
shared by: mirotic
Here're the vids to support the above news^^
081017 Zoom In Super - Tohoshinki's Mirotic Party [ENG SUBBED]


Anonymous said...

hi! i saw that you took this news from asianfanatics..im from AF and i shared that news so if possible, will you please edit it and put Ivanne@AF? i use your blog as my source of news, too..and i include full credits..^_^

김재중pooh-ja said...

ah hello ivanne^^...really srry abt that..actually after visiting your page @ AF, i visited sharingyoochun@wp n shinki forum to find out if there were additional news left..so i thought i'll refer AF as 'source' but i think it was indeed an improper way to credit..i'll correct my credit n add the credit as u said..thnx for visiting our blog..do keep visiting us n help us correct our faults in future too neh ^^~~once again really srry dear ^^;