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Saturday, 1 November 2008

[PICS+VID]081030 HoMin preview @ pre-recording of MBC's Sunday Sunday Night Variety Program/Show

The show was pre-recorded yesterday hence the reason i put the date 30th despite the fancams were released today i.e. 31st ^^;;Either way..enjoy the pics n vids ^^

Yunho dancing to Sexy back

Yunho doing a Kissing scene act with !!?? (ZOMFG!!MUST WATCH)

^holy jesus..dsjfharwht%$^fdhgkadfg...I was TOTALLY thrilled in the beggining cus of leadersshi's loud voice *for a while i thought like i was getting scolded by him there*^^;; n the l8er half of the vid is..kejwhfjer%&#$%FESDasd *lol*..my jaws were literally dropping when i saw THAT kiss part..ZOMG! my brain is still half not functioning atm cus that was like ultra...i mean like really really ULTRA shock..though the kiss scene was fake i could see that lady secretly grining..she must not have slept that night thinking abt the whole scenario..damn! lucky her ^^;;

credit: phutran1981vnn2

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